Preventing Juvenile Crime As A Community

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Juvenile crime is a very serious thing that can threaten the peace and comfort of a neighborhood or a community. Outbursts of group juvenile crime are fairly common as teens and children tend to drive each other on.

However, individual criminal acts also occur quite frequently. Many communities do not realize the role they can play in preventing juvenile crime of any sort.

They believe that it is too late to help a child once the crime is committed. However, often the crime is a call for help due to some related problem.

Citizens should not give up hope for a child upon the commitment of a crime. In addition, they should learn to first think about the child instead of about their lost or damaged property.

People are much more important than material things and relationships are much more important than past offenses. Some people simply get scared when something happens and they pack up and leave the area.

Instead, the community should pull together to help the child criminal. Bravery and heroes are not something only to be found in stories, they should be found in real life as well.

Of course, sometimes the best thing to do is report the crime to the police. On occasion, simply facing the consequences of the law is enough to set a child back on the right track.

However, too much of the time this is not the case as the crime was committed in order to relieve some other problem. Some community members may complain that the police are not doing their job in preventing crime.

This is very selfish and unhelpful point of view. Most of the time the police are out to protect you and they are losing their lives for you in some cases.

In addition, most teams are stretched too thin and there are too few of them to completely service a town. They are doing all that they can to keep your community a safe place.

Repression, punishment, and threats only tend to make troubled teens more resistant and prone to crime. Instead of fixing the problem, the community only makes whatever the problem is worse by doing this.

Instead, sympathy and a warm smile may help them open up to you so that you can solve the problem. Take some time to get to know him or her and learn what he or she dreams of or wants to avoid.

Many times young criminals have fallen into depression and pessimism which lets them see no way out of their situation. As you take to them, help them to see new possibilities and ways in which they can achieve their dreams.

Help them to look on the bright side and to see the positive things in his or her life. Try to teach them how important it is to take responsibility for their actions, good or bad.

This will take a considerable amount of time as you have to develop a strong friendship first. If you simply jump out with taking responsibility and looking on the bright side, your young friend may feel like he or she is being attacked and he or she will close up to you.

Sometimes a friend is all that he or she needs to solve the problem that has been bothering him or her. If the whole community tried to become friends with this troubled youth a whole new world could open up.

An environment where respect for others and appreciation of others may become possible and achievable. Studies have been done in communities who have pulled together around the criminal to see what made the difference and what resulted from their efforts.

Not only was there a reduction of crime in the area, but the youngsters tended to fix their lives and get back on the legal path. The community successfully reinforced their good habits instead of enflaming their bad ones.

Neighbors also got to know each other better and became more united and better friends. Common values were established for what was expected in the area.

The whole community contributed to the education of the youth in the area and more people were aware of the special talents that others in the nearby community had. When the community stood up behind the youth, the youth were able to stand up to their negative peer influences and choose the moral choice.

Taking the time to develop a relationship with troubled youth is definitely worthwhile. It can strengthen the entire community.
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Preventing Juvenile Crime As A Community

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This article was published on 2010/12/17